Community Links

Emergency Numbers:

Poison Control Center: 1-800-362-0101
Emergency Services (off base): 911
YPD Non Emergency Line: 928-783-4421
Amberly’s Place Victim Center and Shelter: 928-373-0849

Nutrition Resources:

Child and Family Services (Yuma): 928-344-8800
Food Stamps Application (DES): 928-782-7101
Health Department of Yuma County: 928-317- 4540
WIC (in town): 928-317-4500Yuma
Yuma Community Food Bank: 928-343-1243

Medical Resources:

Yuma Regional Medical Center: 928-336-2000
Breast Feeding Hotline: 1-800-833-4642
DEERS: 928-269-3588
TRICARE West: 1-888-874-9378Tricare
Department of Veterans Affairs: 800-470-8262
Veterans Assisted Living: 928-388-6868

Community Resources:

yuma Children and Family Services (Yuma): 928-344- 8800
Yuma Private Industry Council: 928-783-9347
Yuma Visitor’s Bureau: 928-783-0071
Chamber of Commerce of Yuma County: 928-782- 2567
Yuma County Superior Court: 928-328-2180
DOT Yuma: 928-317-2100
Yuma International Airport: 928yu-726-5882
Yuma Parks and Recreation: 928-373-5243

Education Resources:

Yuma School District 1: 928-782-6581
Yuma Union High School District: 928-502-5000
Crane School District: 928-373-3400
Arizona Western College: 928-317-6000
Northern Arizona University (Yuma): 928-317- 6400
University of Phoenix (Yuma): 928-341-0233